Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To quote Ian Curtis, "Where have they been"?

So I set up this blog as I previously mentioned basically on a whim and a challenge from other lame folk like myself who have them though they are actually doing creative stuff and what not and then I did jack with it for quite a while as you can see-seems I was sidetracked by sciatica (since alleviated by the curative miracle of bad golfing-I kid you not) and an Xmas time excursion down to south of Tucson to visit the folks combined with a further excursion down to Sonora Mexico (Puerto Penasco specifically) to visit with a sweet chica named Raquel who I originally met up with at my folk's vacation place, the Shell Castle (www.shellcastle.com -btw, please, please buy this place or recommend it to some millionaire you know with mucho cash flow as they own me muito dineros but can't pay me off until they sell it-trust me, I need the cash flow myself like the rest of the world these day-oh meu deus), in San Carlos Sonora Mexico near Guaymas-6 hours directly south of Tucson.

But the motivation has hit again during the anti-dog days of January so I am moving forward with great vengeance and will be pontificating on a few subjects whether you care or not. Who knows, deep within my tortured psyche, this may only be for my own edification in the end. To act as a juxtaposition to a noted quote by Hunter S. Thompson I say, “Tear up the ticket, don't take the ride” for all I care.

So anyway, where to begin?

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