Tuesday, February 3, 2009

“Crash”ing with Dennis Hopper


So the deal is that over time thru some folks here I know who are involved in the growing film industry here in ABQ, I've been told about opportunities to be an extra on the set.  Crash, as you probably know, is based on the Oscar winner from a few years back.  I, personally thought the movie was just OK and the series has its moments with Dennis being in it but the main cop from a separate story line is a joke and a poorly written character in my estimation.  Anyway...

ABQ is a stand in for LA in this series.  Got picked to be a "record executive" (ironic, I know) in a scene where Dennis' character is trying to get back in the good graces of his daughter who has taken over the family business because he is a washed up drug addled mess.  I am in a scene with about 8 other record exec types as Dennis is pitching his new "future" for the record industry with a stripper on each arm (including this lovely Filipino girl who “works” locally). 

BTW, the episode is titled "The Future is Free" so you know what to look-the season is over but they rerun all episodes on the various Starz networks and on Encore.  We shot for about 6 hours from about 10 different angles with about 30 takes and various reaction close ups and I ended up with two shots for about 5 WHOLE seconds starting at about the 32 minute mark of the episode so I made the cut. I know most of you probably do not have Starz and this is their first original series, but I am throwing it out there-maybe it will be on Hulu.com at some point or something like that.  BTW, Dennis is pretty darn hilarious in person. He cursed a lot when he messed up his dialogue, which happened a lot. Of course, he had to do about 30 takes as I mentioned-I can't imagine how they can tolerate the process and repetition-it is so very tedious. It would have been awesome if had slipped into his Frank Booth character from Blue Velvet and said something like “Radiohead, fuck that shit! PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!”

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